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The Condolence Cane is a pictographic record of the fifty hereditary chief titles which were given at the time of the forming of the League of Five Nations.These titles live forever and each time a new chief is installed he takes on the title of the chief that has died.

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Condolence canes always have an Eagle on top. This signifies that the Eagle sits atop the Great White Pine and gives a loud screech to warn the Confederacy of any approaching danger. The cane pictured here shows a hand carved top made of cherry wood. Ken also makes the Eagles carved from antler and the bent handles commonly seen on most of the older style Condolence canes.

Mohawk nation has nine chiefs:

1) Between two worlds - Turtle Clan
2) He combs his hair - Turtle Clan
3) Words of equal height - Turtle Clan
4) Tree branches out - Wolf Clan
5) Our life sustainers - Wolf Clan
6) The principle eagle - Wolf Clan
7) His Horns are dragging - Bear Clan
8) He puts on rattles - Bear Clan
9) Big branch - Bear Clan

Oneida Nation has nine Chiefs:

10) He carries a fawn - Wolf Clan
11) Standing ear of corn - Wolf Clan
12) Valley - Wolf Clan
13) His house is long - Turtle Clan
14) His voice appears - Turtle Clan
15) He swallows the body - Turtle Clan
16) His ears are ready to hear - Bear Clan
17) He speaks slow - Bear Clan
18) He's got him in the clouds - Bear Clan

Onondaga nation has fourteen Chiefs:

19) He's tangled up - Bear Clan
20) Along the river bank - Beaver Clan
21) He looks at something closely - Beaver Clan
22) He has a sour throat - Snipe Clan
23) Close to the edge - Turtle Clan
24) Split body - Turtle Clan
25) He buries evil - Wolf Clan
26) Something hanging - Deer Clan
27) He spills out - Deer Clan
28) He was made to do it - Turtle Clan
29) He sticks it - Bear Clan
30) He sees them from afar - Deer Clan
31) He looks after them - Turtle Clan
32) On the other side of the marshes - Turtle Clan

Cayuga Nation has ten Chiefs:

33) He spots it quickly - Deer Clan
34) Coming of the arrow -
35) It's battered
36) He has a long intestine
37) It overlaps
38) It pierces the sky
39) It's cold on both sides
40) Something hollow, leading out to one end
41) He works his way in
42) The 10th one is missing

Seneca nation has eight chiefs:

43) Handsome Lake
44) Skies are level
45) He has a large forehead
46) Something to do with an arrow
47) He leans, but does not fall
48) Hangs on to it
49) It's tangled
50) The door is open

Tuscarora Chief titles are not part of those defined by the Great Law, and the Tuscarora Nation is represented in the Grand Council by the Younger Brothers - the Oneida and Cayuga Nation chiefs.

However, there are Chieftainship titles for the Tuscarora Nation to use internally. The following titles were in use among the Tuscarora at Grand River at the beginning of this century.

1) Turtle Clan - "Climbing the Mountain People"

Sakwari'cra (Sacharissa) - "The spear trailer"
Nihawenna'a - "His voice is small"
Hotiokwawaken' - "He holds or grasps the multitude"

2) Bear Clan - "Broken Off Tail People"

Nakaien'ten - meaning unknown
Utakwatena - "The bear cub"
Ionentchanennaken - "It's forepaw pressed against it's breast"

3) Wolf Clan

Naiokawe'a - meaning unknown
Neiotchak'don - "It is bent"

4) Snipe (Plover or Killdeer) Clan - "Clean Sand People"

Karondawa'ken - "One is holding the tree"
Thanadak'hwa - meaning unknown

5) Beaver Clan - "People of the Stream"

Karihen'tia - "It goes along teaching"
Nihnoka'wa - "He annoints the hide"
Nakahenwa'chen - "Twenty canoes"

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